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Small town soul.
Big city rock.

It’s not often that an artist comes along that simply can’t be put in a box. There’s no single genre to describe their style. They’re not strapped to a category. In this generation, that artist is Brandon Calhoon.

Brandon’s music lives where rock and roll meets soul. Where the music can make you stomp your boots and dry your eyes in the same song. There’s blues in his voice and his roots grow in the heartland…All of this influences a sound that’s larger than life…and impossible to force into any traditional mold.


Beaverton to Nashville

Brandon Calhoon kick-started his music career in 2005 when he became the dark horse favorite on the short lived “RockStar” CBS TV series, “RockStar: INXS.”  Over the next two years, the buzz he created on “Rockstar” resulted in headlining gigs for numerous live shows throughout Southern California.  Performing music for crowds of hungry music fans eager to hear something new, they followed Calhoon to legendary stages like The Roxy and The Whiskey a Go Go in LA to hear his new style of soul-infused southern rock. 

After the show, Brandon returned to MI where he wrote and recorded several albums. He was consequently nominated for several Detroit Music Awards, including “Best New Artist” and “Best Rock Record.” In 2010 his song “Detroit City” was featured on FX’s hit TV show “Justified.”

In early 2015, Brandon’s song “Lost to be Found” was chosen as the theme song for CBS’s new show “Battle Creek.” Currently, Brandon is spending his time writing and recording music for television, film and his fans.

Now known as “Nashville Jesus” by local musicians and fans throughout The Music City, Calhoon spends most of his time in the Nashville music scene writing music and performing for audiences, honing his craft as a musician and writer, while working with many of the singer-songwriting giants of the town.

Currently, Brandon is spending his time between Nashville, TN, where he’s promoting the new record, and Rooster Traxx Recording Studio in Northern Michigan writing and recording music for television, commercials and film with Rusted Rooster Media.


New Orleans

Blending true twang and tickled keys, Brandon Calhoon’s “New Orleans” highlights his storytelling prowess and “devil-may-care” delivery. Calhoon mixes rock’n roll sentiments with Americana heart to provide a fresh sound and an honest perspective on life, love and the cities that carry it all.


  • Detroit City - EP
    Detroit City - EP
  • Satisfied - Brandon Calhoon
  • Whiskey Don't Run Dry - Brandon Calhoon
    Whiskey Don't Run Dry - Single
  • Detroit City (2014 Re-Mix) - Brandon Calhoon
    Detroit City (2014 Re-Mix) [feat. Nickey Knoxx] - Single
  • Whiskey Beach - Brandon Calhoon
    Whiskey Beach - EP
  • Park Avenue - Brandon Calhoon
    Park Avenue - EP
  • The Calhoon Sessions
    The Calhoon Sessions: Session One
  • The Calhoon Sessions: Session Two
    The Calhoon Sessions - Session Two
  • Let It Ride - Coming Soon

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