Why “Let It Ride”?

Let It Ride
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Why “Let it Ride”?

Brandon Calhoon tells us why his latest album is called “Let It Ride” and describes the messages behind the songs.

Creating “Let It Ride” was a very unique experience for me because it was the first time I ever recorded live using Nashville session players. The only overdubs on the record were vocals, strings, horns and a few guitar solos. All songs were tracked in one day creating a real, honest, original sound. That’s why I titled the record “Let It Ride”. It speaks for itself. 

This was also an important record for me to make. You know the saying, “Say it before it’s too late”. I wanted to write a song about my parents (“After All These Years”), my grandpa (“Too Young At Heart”), my hometown (“Here’s To You”), and my late, dear friend Jimmy (“Hey Jimmy”). These stories hit home for me and I needed to share them with my friends, family and fans. 

Anybody that knows me knows I love having a good time. So I had to record some good time songs: “Starlight Inn”, “Fire Burning Tonight”, “You Got Tonight”, “Love Hate Love”, “Bus Stop Bench” and the title track, “Let It Ride”. Definitely going to want to turn these up nice and loud! I also felt it was essential to have a few slow grooves on this record, considering I love blues and soul music. “Good Love” and “Greyhound To Georgia” bring it on down. 

This record really has a unique and fresh vibe to it. It doesn’t fit in a box and can’t be tied down to any one category or genre. It’s music, almost as subjective as a painting on the wall. To put it simply, this record is exactly what it is. A journey through time and travel. A musical companion with peaks and valleys, smiles and cries. A collection of songs I call “Let It Ride”. 

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